GRC-119 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Class Final Project

My Spring 2013 Computer Graphics/Digital Media (GRC-119) college class final project required a comprehensive website with several multimedia elements built-in. The website project I chose to produce was to replace the existing website for my small business as a computer support company (this site).

Some of the design for the final class project has been modified because this actual site doesn't need some of the elements required by the class project.

Some requirements of this final project also included an edited video element and an edited audio element. Below are embedded objects that satisfied that requirement, if the requirement had not been met elsewhere in the site.

This is a scaled (edited) version of the original QuickTime movie that was used to create the animation on the Multimedia page (the animation was created specifically for the class final project). The original movie was 960x540 pixels and was converted from an H.264 MP4:

And finally, embedded here is an audio clip that I licensed from iStockPhoto. Titled "Guitar Hope" by Mitch Lee (Redemption Audio) this 39 second mp3 file is 1.5mb. QuickTime is also required to play this audio clip.

I did use a template from the Open Designs website, but made significant modifications to the colors and layout. The color changes required modifications to some of the graphic elements used by the layout. You can see the original layout here: Metamorph_Darkmare.