Digital Video Production

Years of experience and specialized training shows our ability to create exceptional, professional digital media, such as videos for distribution via the internet, DVD or for use in presentation programs.

The following video is one of our own advertising clips that we produced for distribution on the internet. A much higher quality version of this video was also provided to our local TV studio to air locally on broadcast television. We can create custom videos in standard- or high-definition for you.

Digital Images and Animations

We maintain the latest in the most popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash Professional and Illustrator to be able to create custom graphics, animations and logos. We have years of experience and we've created thousands of graphics and animations.


This animation is an example of a simple image animation:

Soccer Ball Animation

We're also proficient in creating and managing custom Flash animations:

Get Adobe Flash player

Short videos, even those captured from DVD's, can be converted to animations. This video is an example of an animation created from a high-definition QuickTime movie:

Lion Licks Chops Animation