Web Site Development

Web site development is another of our specialized services that we've been providing to our customers for nearly 20 years.

We've created sites for both the internet as well as corporate intranets. From simple one-page resume sites to complex shopping cart sites, we get the job done quickly and to your specifications.

Liontec Systems

Here are some examples of websites that we've produced recently:

  1. Our shopping cart site Shop4Today
  2. Our blog Not Las Vegas
  3. A resume website for one of our customers Accurate Medical Coder

We've also produced small corporate intranet sites that are not accessible via the internet. These specialized sites help the employees of a small organization access vital company resources in a user-friendly way.

Your small business storefront can provide Wi-Fi services to your customers and we can put that package together for you. We establish your connection to a local high-speed internet provider, we setup the splash page your customers use to login to your Wi-Fi network, we develop any additional web pages you need and we help you maintain all of it.